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policeman in cambridge and they were the boston marathon bombers. >> pete williams, nbc news justice correspondent, thank you very much. we're going to bring in now senior executive producer for nbc's investigative unit, richard esposito. a fluid and changing situation. it sounds as if dzhokah tsarnaev may be holed up in a house. how do investigators handle this at this point? his uncle was out in public making a statement saying his father told abc news that he thought his son should surrender. what are the negotiations like in this situation? >> as pete said, it had been fluid and fast-moving and now it's slowed down. and slowing it down is what you do when you're going to negotiate with somebody. they'll try to find pressure points, they'll talk to his relatives, find his associates. they'll look to see what is it that we can use as leverage to get him to surrender. to not blow himself up. to not blow the house up. to not use police as a means of suicide. so they'll look for all of those methods of reaching him. and trying to bring him out alive. whatever, whatever it is that they
, consistent with the injuries the doctors found yesterday. nbc news pete williams reported that the bombs were triggered by a timer as opposed to a remote detonator. we learned this type of bomb is frequently used in afghanistan and iraq, but also recently popped up in the u.s. one of the devices used in the times square attempted bombing was apparently a pressure cooker. now, we are hearing about a press conference at the top of the hour. we'll carry it live for you on nbc 4 and >>> all right, thank you, aaron. >>> and we're finding out more about the victims killed as the identities were revealed. three died yesterday, we now know two names, 29-year-old krystle campbell is one just confirmed to nbc news by her father this afternoon. she was a restaurant manager from medford massachusetts. this other guy, 8 years old, killed while they stood by the finish line. neighbors are haunted by this traged tragedy. >> to know he will never come home, it kept me up. >> martin released a statement, saying the wife and daughter suffered injuries, he asked others to pray for his family.
nbc news, at the police staging area. do you have a sense how confident police are that this suspect has been restricted to that area? >> it may well be the case. several hours ago, we saw convoys of military vehicles, buses of police and motorcycles and other armed law enforcement officers. all congregating in the staging area behind me across from the mall in a parking lot. it looked like they were preparing for some sort of confrontation if not an assault. there were a lot of sirens going on. that activity seems to have abat abated. they think they know where the suspect is. clearly there was a pretty good sense here watching this that they seemed to be preparing for what could be a very violent confrontation with the suspect or suspects. shortly about a couple of hours ago now, governor patrick came out and we were told that the entire city of boston was under lockdown. that seemed to escalate the concerns. we don't know right now as we have been told, they believe they have the suspect cornered in an area and the second suspect is on this amtrak train. then the threat, a largere
will hold them accountable. >> counterterrorism officials tell nbc news that multiple explosive devices were found at the scene. security remains tight in and around boston. residents being told to expect a continued heightened law enforcement presence as the city tries to come to grips with a violent attack in the heart of boston. and that was katie davis there with that report. now london's metropolitan police are reviewing security plans for this sunday's marathon after the explosion in boston. the minister told bbc the best way to show solidarity with boston is to continue the race as the french president has stepped up security around public buildings in this country and raised the threat level to red. >>> speaking earlier, it was said the long lasting impact of terrorist attacks are low. >> research into terrorist incidents over many, many years, their economic impact, their direct economic impact tends to be very, very small, indeed. a lot of good research done on this in israel. what i would say is yes, of course, very often the economic cost is largely in how we react. what new meas
that everybody is out here helping. >> reporter: law enforcement officials tell nbc news they believe both bombs were hidden in the backpacks like this one on the street. discarded like personal property. they believe the bombs were triggered by a device, like a cell phone. killing three, like 8-year-old martin richard. the people on the streets hope they find the bomber. >> the worst thing, we couldn't find out who did it. that would just say they could get away with this. >> reporter: now people continue to walk around the perimeter, many snapping photos on their cell phones. and police want people who snapped photos yesterday during the race capturing images. if you notice anything suspicious they would like you to share that with the boston police department. live here in boston, i'm shomari stone. >>> all right, the flags are at half staff to honor the victims of the bombing. the flag will remain lowered until april 20th out of respect. and the president will go to boston on thursday, speaking at a service dedicated to those killed or gravely wounded in the bombings. earlier today, the pres
emergency workers from searching the rubble. david scott, nbc news, west, texas. >> still a lot of unanswered questions, but we will continue to bring you the story and bring you live updates from texas throughout the show. right now, why don't we get to the latest on that investigation into boston. >> let's get to that investigation into the boston marathon bombing. a suspect has been spotted on security video taken before the two blasts, but no arrest has been made. cnbc's senior correspondent skoet cohen is live in boston. i has the latest for us. good morning, scott. >> good morning, andrew. let me correct you, it is not necessarily a suspect that authorities are talking about, but it is certainly somebody that they want to talk to. on the south end of boston at the cathedral of the holy cross, people are lining up for an interface memorial service that will begin five hours from now at 11:00 eastern time, featuring president obama. massachusetts governor and the boston mayor as well as yoyo ma, and mitt romney, long time boston resident will be in attendance. meantime, all
attack in boston continues here on news 4 and on nbc nightly news with brian williams at 7:00. >>> and runners from our area, home and describing the chaos they witnessed. one man was directly across the street. mark segraves has more. >> reporter: well, that is right, for john walls and his family, the boston marathon is an annual tradition. his wife has run it 17 times. he has run it three times and this was going to be their daughter's first boston marathon. he was in the grandstands waiting for them to come across the finish line. when the bomb went off he had his video camera rolling. >> oh, no, get out of the stands, get out of the stands. >> when the second one went off, i thought god, you know, we're going to die here. >> reporter: john walls, along with his wife and daughter returned to the arms of their family today at reagan international. the former journalist says yesterday was like nothing he has ever seen. >> the police are screaming, directing you, telling you leave, leave, leave. >> reporter: as he and his family tried to escape the blast area, walls videot
. >> nbc news is reporting capital police are reporting a suspicious package at senator shelby's office. we have a bunch of fires, so to speak, regarding security developments. >> that could be the office down the hall. we could not see which senator's office it was in. we are in the russell building. they do have this hallway blocked off. pete williams is reporting that federal officials say they believe they know who sent the letters to st senate and the white house but no arrest has been made yet. they're waiting for test results. >> we're going to hear from jay carney sometimes in the past few minutes about either boston or developments in washington or both. just as someone who reports to the area every day, can you give us an idea of how different security looked? >> it doesn't have the mi militarized feel. yesterday we had a parade that didn't appear that different at all. today coming up here to capitol hill all of the trash cans in the parks have been taking off their bases and knocked over on their sides. clearly they're going to go around and collect those and provide one less pl
was in the hospital, but investigators tell nbc news they are no longer looking at this person as a person of interest. though they continue to talk with him. bertha coombs with an update at lagarde and and logan. i want to bring in terrorism expert. the former director of the national counterterrorism senter. any significance in his use of the word terror? something he was unwilling to do yesterday? >> think it's important for the pot say that. he has to be extremely careful about the language he uses i think it's important that he wants to show, and i'm sure he is, regardless that he is engaged. and he wants to give a sense of patience so the investigators and fbi and folks in boston can have time to develop the case. that will give him at least a bit of room so there are not quite as many people speculating about facts they don't yet know. given the evacuation a few moments ago. do you believe airports will be the locust of any heightened security? how do you think our lives will change in the near to medium term? >> i think it's going to be any place where you have large gatherings. there's random
in the investigation, itself. authorities now tell nbc news they are focused on finding two men who were seen on camera near the site of the bombings. one was reportedly seen setting down a black bag. and then dashing away just before the bombs went off. i'm joined by former secretary of homeland security, tom ridge. former assistant agent in charge of the fbi nypd joint terrorism task force, don borelli, and james cavanaugh, retired special agent in charge for theatf, now an analyst for msnbc. we don't know will it was domestic, foreign, or perhaps an exchange student here. we don't know what mix it might be. >> right. one of the challenges, need to know, journalists need to know, america wants to know, bostonians want to know. everybody is doing their very, very best. as the other individuals sharing this podium, this conversation with you today will tell you have to put together the pieces. it's incremental. it's labor intensive. we'll get there sooner or later. it's a very tough and challenging investigation. >> don borelli, why did it take hours and days decide to go public with pictures they've a
amendments including the manchin toomey compromise on background checks. joe manchin told nbc news this morning he does not expect the amendment to pass today. that it simply does not have the votes. and a bipartisan group of senators has now formally filed a bill calling for immigration reform. i will have more on both of these coming up in the news next hour. (vo) this afternoon, current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> stephanie: it is the "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. toll free from anywhere. the web site. e-mail us all there. i was telling jacki at the top of the hour, so many stories coming out of boston and i had a
. nbc news is reporting that senator max baucus is the chairman of the senate finance committee. not going to run for re-election next time around. that throws open a washington game of musical chairs here as to who will get the gavel. they are so involved in writing tax policy in the country. looking at the list, you see senator rockefeller will be in line. he already said that he's retiring. so ron widen, a democrat from oregon state would be the guy in line here. he is a more liberal senator. he recently participated in the filibuster on drones. a roguish personality here. it's not a guarantee he will be the guy who gets the chairmanship. somebody else more senior from another committee could bump him. >> thanks. the market is surging today. we will show you how you may want to play this rally here. first rick santelli is going to talk housing in the show. rick? >> absolutely. there was never much talk about reforming the gse like freddie and fannie when they were losing money. there's a lot less talk about it now that they are starting to make some money. we have dr. anthony
. very interesting. >>> coming up on "morning joe," commissioner of the new york city police department ray kelly will be here on set. we will get the laitest on the boston marathon situation with nbc investigator reporter pete williams. i don't think he takes a day off. and boston police commissioner ed davis and peter gammons will also join us. bill has our forecast now. >> all eyes on the midwest over the weekend. the heavy rains from last week caused epic flooding and in some cases even record flooding. six states dealt with major flooding problems including michigan, illinois, indiana, and as we went through areas of missouri and even iowa, unfortunately, three people did perish from rapidly rising floodwaters this weekend. a lot of the rivers did crest and they are slowly going to be going down from here. the one exception the illinois river. you can see just thousands and thousands of people were sandbagging all weekend long trying to keep these rivers from flooding their towns. the mississippi river is the biggest river in town in our country and it's at major flood stage. anywh
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